Let's Fix That!

It's been said that a smart man learns from his mistakes, but a WISE man learns from the mistakes of others. And I have definitely made a few of those.

What have I learned?

The truth is your life can be all that you really want it to be!

Join me as we meet the challenges of home, health, family, faith, business and more HEAD ON! Not making enough money?

Trying to raise healthy and happy kids? I can help you with that, as well.

This is a journey...join me!

Solutions to Enhance Your Life

Find solutions that enhance your life. . . The one thing we should always do, as long as we are breathing, is to look for ways to grow, make the most of our potential and that is exactly what the Solutions Diva is here for!

Home Solutions

Whether it's parenting, organization or saving money, it seems these are the areas we ALL need solutions. Here's where to find them!

Health Solutions

Life is too short to play at the health and wellness game. Find solutions that enhance your life...be it weight management, controlling blood sugar, cooking with short cuts, or supporting a healthy immune system, the Solutions Diva's 50 years of experience is at your disposal.

Financial Solutions

Worried about money? Making enough? Spending too much? Just wanna find a way to supplement income? This 30-year Work-at-home Diva has seen it all and found her way to help you here.

Let the Solutions Diva Help You Find Your Answers

Lisa Schafer, Solutions Diva

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