Who IS the Solutions Diva Anyway?

Lisa Schafer spent much of her life trying to fit in where she didn't believe she belonged. She was too quirky! Too bossy! Too independent! Too passionate about being home with her kids!

Then she realized, she had a gift! She had the gift of gab! She loves sharing what she knows, and helping others.

Maybe it was those 25 years of homeschooling that did it,...or maybe it was figuring out how to make a 30-year marriage, work...She's learned so much...whether it's parenting prodigals, balancing a budget of practically "zero," or working almost every wrong business that could be worked from home...she's probably "been there, and done that."

One day she woke up...and she became...the Solutions Diva.

Let the Solutions Diva Help You Find Your Answers

Lisa Schafer, Solutions Diva

P. O. Box 124
Durham KS 67438