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Just three of the necessities I now a granny

Now that I'm over 50 years of age, I'm finding there are some much needed and appreciated products that the ol' gal HAS to have.

Who's to blame?? And does it matter?

Trying to find someone to blame for your issues, is just avoiding the critical activity of moving forward. Click the title and hear the truth that most of us try to ignore.

What Grown Ups Do

Started a list of the thoughts and actions that must happen if you wanna call yourself a grown-up. I'm sure I'll do a part 2 some time.

Thinking God is Dead? Who moved?

For those who've wandered from their faith because they just don't think God is "there" anymore. Click on the title to watch the video.

Can you afford the "payment plan" of your decisions?

It's about more than making a pro vs. con list. What's the worst that can happen when you commit to "xyz?" And can you live with that?

How to KILL a Relationship...w/o even trying!

Wanna have real impact on your circle of influence? Make sure to keep you "tude" in check. Click the title above for the video. (I apologize in advance for the's a bit wonky!) 

What real gratitude looks like

I think it's easy to SAY we are grateful, but what does genuine gratitude look like? Click the above title to see my Thanksgiving video about just that.

DON'T PANIC! Explaining the Facebook messenger hoax

Okay, peeps...there's a difference between a hoax and actually having your Facebook account hacked. View the video by clicking the title above to see the diff!

The Wellness Journey - Be "ALL IN"

Getting well in all areas of life is worth doing. But why just dabble at it? Click the title above to see the short video where I encourage you to believe that you truly are WORTH it.

New Years Resolutions? What are you waiting for??

Been thinking about this whole idea of waiting until the first of the new year before deciding to make lasting beneficial changes. Click the title to find out my take in a recent video.


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