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"Diva Qualifications?"

Does it take a special kind of "school-of-hard-knocks" education to claim you are the Solutions Diva? Honestly, I'm not sure there is such a thing as being "qualified." However, I can tell you that, when I was a young mom, trying to figure out how to raise healthy kids, get permanent ink out of childrens’ t-shirts, and bake like Betty, I felt like there was just not a lot of support out there. 

Keep in mind, when I was a young mother, we didn't have the internet like we do today. And, although I was fortunate enough to have some great resources to draw from at my church, there were some things that I just felt...well...stupid asking them. What if they'd laugh at my ignorance? What if they were offended by my quandry? Let's face it...there are some things that are difficult to admit you need a solution for. 

So, this blog is the culmination of a couple of things:

1. Years of experience, stretching a dollar, raising kids, working from home, counseling in church...has led me to believe that sometimes people think I have something worth sharing. It's humbling...but leads me to...

2. Some of us just want to help. In fact, I'm convinced that everyone has something to offer everyone else. They may not know what it is...or they may not feel confident enough to share it. But we all have a gift to offer the world. And when others tell me (and I'm not bragging here,...I promise), "I really needed to hear that today," I almost feel like I have no choice but to help others, especially moms, find the solutions to little issues, big fat emotional, heart-wrenching issues...whatever. 

I don't claim to know everything...but such as I have, I want to give to you. 

Let the Solutions Diva Help You Find Your Answers

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