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What real gratitude looks like

I think it's easy to SAY we are grateful, but what does genuine gratitude look like? Click the above title to see my Thanksgiving video about just that.

Why most weight loss programs fail. Can you relate??

See that photo? New me vs. Old me! This video was produced early on in my weight loss journey, circa 2017. I had only been on the program for three months, and had to share my perspective on why THIS was working and nothing else had ever given me results I could count on...forever.

DON'T PANIC! Explaining the Facebook messenger hoax

Okay, peeps...there's a difference between a hoax and actually having your Facebook account hacked. View the video by clicking the title above to see the diff!

Why not just give up already??

Tired of getting your ass kicked?? Why keep trying? What's the point? My faith demands something that might help you press forward. So click the title above for the video.

Who's YOUR "Spark?"

I finally attended a high school reunion, and was recently reminded that I am blessed to have some amazing people cheering me on in life. Click the title above to see my short, but emotional, video.

Call Reluctance: It's not just for business builders

When it comes to reaching out to contacts regarding your work-at-home opportunity, or anything for that matter, ask yourself, "What's the worst that can happen?" Can you live with THAT answer? Here's my Facebook Live re: that.

READY FOR THE WELLNESS JOURNEY?? Here's how ya know. (Click here to watch the video)

As with all things, timing really is everything.

Residual Income: Not a direct sales thang!

For all my WAHM friends out there, selling, partying and demonstrating products...there is a better way. (Click the title above to see my video)

20 Year Study confirms Toxins In Home - Same as Ten Years Smoking

When you've had it, you've had it! And I have really had it! Why are we so content to allow poisons into our home? And not only allow them, but we even pay a premium price for them. What are we doing? 

Whatch my video, as I break down this topic in a passionate, if not almost hysterical tone. 

20 Year Study confirms Toxins In Home - Same as Ten Years Smoking

When you've had it, you've had it! And I have obviously HAD IT! Arm yourself with the truth about harsh toxic CRAP in your home.  Not only are you allowing the poison into the house, when it can destroy fragile immune systems and cause everything from allergies to cancer, but you're probably paying a premium price for those dangerous products. GRRRRRRrrrr!


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